Bio-sensing earbuds

The world's first and most advanced in-ear sleep improvement system.

Earable™ simultaneously detects brain activity (EEG), eye movements( EOG), and facial movements (EMG) to fit the perfect sleep improvement method to your unique sleep cycles.

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Earable™ is an earbud packed with biosensors for convenient health quantification. It is much more convenient than current devices used in hospitals because it has the smallest form factor given its accuracy and sensing capability. Unlike other wearables, Earable™ has more sensors, is located on the head, and uses proprietary machine learning algorithms for higher accuracy of bioelectric analysis.

How it works


Capture Head-Based Biosignal From The Ear

An ear biosignal represents a mixture of electrical activities of the human brain, eyes, and facial muscles. A particular single-channel signal separation model is developed to decompose this mixed signal based on the physiologic and electrical properties of the signals of interest.


Separated Brainwave

EEG, including beta, alpha, theta, and delta wave, is essential for interpreting various sleep/wake stages of the brain.


Separated eyes movement

EOG is necessary for differentiating REM stage from the other stages and even from wakefulness itself.


Separated Facial Muscle

EMG is requisite to distinguish the REM state from others due to its sudden loss of muscle tone vs. high muscle activity respectively.


Learn and identify sleep stage

A machine learning algorithm is applied to score every 30-seconds epoch of sleep data into an appropriate sleep stage using a set of discriminative features extracted from the separated brain, eye, and muscle signals.

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Our Team


Tam Vu, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and Director of the Mobile and Networked Systems Lab
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
University of Colorado, Boulder

Filed 18 patents, raised $4.3M in funding from NSF and Google, has five Best Paper Awards at Association for Computing Machinery, and received nationwide press coverage for capacitive touch invention. Previously a faculty member in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at University of Colorado Denver since 2013. Received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and WINLAB from Rutgers in 2013.


Robin Deterding, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Director, Innovation Center
Executive Administrator, Breathing Institute
Children’s Colorado
Chief Pediatric Pulmonary
Professor of Pediatrics
University of Colorado Anschutz

World-renowned clinician and a serial entrepreneur. Co-founder of Now Vitals and Triple Endoscopy and an advisor to Sopris Health. Leads and inspires talented and diverse teams to create a better future through innovation, research, advocacy, education and exceptional clinical care.


Pattie Maes, PhD

Technology Advisor
Professor, MIT MediaLab
Program Head, MIT's Program in Media Arts and Sciences

Ken Wright, PhD

Medical Advisor
Director, Chronobiology Laboratory
Professor, Integrated Physiology
University of Colorado, Boulder

Ann Halbower, MD

Medical Advisor
Pediatrics Pulmonary
Children's Hospital Colorado
University of Colorado Hospital

Thuc Vu, PhD

Business Advisor
Cofounder & CEO, OhmniLabs
Cofounder & CEO, Kambria
Cofounder, VietSeed Foundation
Assistant Professor, John von Neumann Institute

Scott Kothlow

Business Advisor
CFO, SomaLogic

Rex O’Neal

Legal Advisor
Partner, Sage Law Group

Dixon Dick

Business Advisor
Technology Professional and Mentor
CEO, Archethought, Inc.
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